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Wind projects will kill tourism

I am disappointed in the Monitor’s Sept. 27 editorial (“Shift from fossil fuels is under way”). I find it disturbing that you meet with people of these wind companies without researching the impact environmentally or economically or mentioning where future projects in New Hampshire are being proposed.

Just who is getting the price of $0.08kw? Who will benefit from these wind farms? Massachusetts and Connecticut, not New Hampshire. Connecticut is pushing hard to have these windmills built here in New Hampshire while having referenda in its own state preventing wind farms from being built there. People there want the power; they don’t want the product that generates wind power. Why is that?

The proposed projects you failed to mention are all around Newfound Lake along the ridge lines near Mount Cardigan and Sugar Hill. Newfound is the cleanest lake due to it being spring fed. Surrounding communities are dependent on tourism the lake brings. Who is going to want to come stay when the water becomes polluted from the runoff that will enter the lake’s watersheds? Who will ever enjoy a starlit night on the lake when all they can see is blinking red lights from the tallest turbines in the country? Who will come to the lake known for its scenic views when all they can see are wind turbines? The wildlife such as bald eagles and loons that have returned in recent years – how will they be affected?

Do you honestly believe this will not have a huge negative impact environmentally and to tourism economy to the area? I agree things need to change, but I don’t believe in destroying what brings people and tourist money to our state and beautiful lake. Please research completely before making such a blanket stand. Not green! Not clean! Not cheap!