September 29, 2013

Nearly half of Scotland has view of windfarm

By Cameron Brooks, | The Press and Journal | 28 September 2013 |

Wind turbines can be seen from almost half of Scotland, new figures revealed yesterday.

And last night politicians and windfarm opponents warned the situation would get much worse in years to come.

Scottish Natural Heritage research shows that turbines are visible from 41.7% of the countryside – in comparison to 19.9% five years ago.

Meanwhile, new maps have been released detailing how many wind power developments are now installed in the Scottish countryside – and how many more are to come.

And the maps show the increase in the number of turbine projects which have sprung up over the last five years.

Anti-windfarm campaigners branded the situation “horrific” and claimed the relentless march of the green structures was a threat to the country’s tourism industry.

Opponent Lyndsey Ward said: “What people do not understand is that this is the tip of the iceberg.”

Peter Argyle, chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s infrastructure services committee, said the figures would add to the “growing unease” over the Scottish Government’s renewable energy targets. Niall Stuart, of Scottish Renewables, claimed many people want to see more wind power projects across the country.

The turbine maps show 115 green schemes have been approved or built in the north and north-east. The new details also show that 70 applications have been lodged and 92 sites are being assessed for windfarm suitability.

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