September 28, 2013
Letters, Massachusetts

Let health board know what’s a good night’s sleep

Cape Cod Times | September 28, 2013 |

The fundamental question to be examined by Falmouth’s Board of Health on Oct. 7 is what a “reasonable person might deem proper” when asked what is an acceptable and healthy sleep period.

It’s certain that there will be a desire to comment on the turbine operations as they relate to town budget, taxes and climate conditions. These are very important issues, yet none has a visceral connection to basic health as much as healthy sleep. Balancing basic sleep period requirements with extraneous factors not related to Falmouth residents’ essential sleep health only deflects from the real health issue.

It’s time to engage and preserve Falmouth’s core values. The community is being asked a simple question: What’s a reasonable person’s expectation of how much time should be given to a healthy night’s sleep – especially for children?

Residents have been invited to speak at the meeting about what they think is a proper sleep period. Written remarks are also being accepted at, attention Board of Health, Re: Wind Turbine Operation Change.

Mark Cool

West Falmouth

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