September 26, 2013
New York

Windmill public hearing set for Sept. 30; Vote on proposed law Oct. 1

By CAROLYN GODFREY | Mid-York Weekly | Posted Sep 25, 2013 |

TOWN OF MADISON – The Madison Town Board has scheduled a public hearing on the latest proposed windmill law at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 30, at Madison Central School.

A special meeting to vote on the local law has also been set for 7:30 p.m. the following night (Oct. 1) at the fire house on Route 20. Supervisor Ron Bono explained that the board had been asked to include the law on the ballot in the General Election but, by law, only the town board is allowed to create and vote on local laws.

If approved, the law would establish a windmill district that would be from Center, Stone and Quarterline roads to the eastern town line and from Stratford, Elm and Canal roads to the west. No industrial windmills will be allowed in areas other than the new districts.

According to a statement released by the town of Madison, the town has held five workshops and two public hearings, mailed out surveys, and received letters from citizens and neighboring communities on the construction windmills in the township. During the lengthy review process a wind advisory committee was created and the town’s planning board has offered input on the subject.

The board said it has also listened to residents residing outside the town of Madison and given them opportunity to express their concerns and “diplomatically digested all the information” that they have received. Board members added that their research indicates 71 percent of those offering opinions are in favor of wind turbines in appropriate locations in the township.

Wind turbine policies from other townships have also been researched and the board joined others on a bus trip to Hardscrabble Wind Farm in Herkimer County where 37 wind turbines are located.

“Much effort has gone into developing this proposed law and I feel our compromise protects our residents while allowing wind development in appropriate locations,” Bono said.

“This has been a truly challenging experience and I feel we have used diplomacy in analyzing the results of the process in the interest of the town,” added Jim Lundrigan, town councilman.

During the Sept. 30 public hearing there will be a 3-minute time limit for those who wish to speak in favor or against any items in the proposed law. The proposed wind law may be found on the town’s website at, under permits/forms, or a copy may be viewed at the town clerk’s office during regular hours.

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