September 25, 2013

Falmouth Board of Health announces review of Selectmen’s increased wind turbine operation

Posted by Malcolm Donald , September 24, 2013 |

Jared Goldstone, Chairman of the Falmouth Board of Health, announced that the Board will examine Falmouth’s new wind turbine operational plan and its impact on wind turbine neighbors. That examination will include public comment according to Goldstone.

Falmouth Selectmen, at their last meeting, voted to increase wind turbine operation affording neighbors only eight hours of sleep. Due to adverse health impacts on neighbors’ health, Falmouth’s wind turbine have been operating at 7AM to 7PM basis. However, this has caused Falmouth’s wind turbines to run a deficit. Selectmen thus voted for increased operation to increase revenue production at the expense of neighbors’ health.

Prior to Selectmen’s decision, in a September 5th letter, the Board of Health expressed its “concern” and urged Selectmen to give their “utmost consideration to the impacts of sleep interruptions on the health of wind turbine neighbors.” Selectmen nevertheless voted for increased wind turbine operation. That vote came after more than two hours of public comment.

Critique of Selectmen’s new wind turbine operational plan will be made by the Board of Health in its next meeting on October 7th. The Board’s examination will undoubtedly attract the attendance of a great number of people who will want to testify as to its impact on their health.

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