September 24, 2013
Letters, Massachusetts

Be true to those who built Peru

Berkshire Eagle | 09/23/2013 |

Reading Ron Baker’s Sept. 15 letter to the editor reminded me of how beautiful the woods, trees, wildlife, hills and, yes, even the residents of Peru are. When my wife and I moved here 50-some years ago, we made many friends. We found a culture here not found anywhere around Berkshire County. The people who were here when we first came were friendly, understanding and helped one another.

A neighbor who was a Selectman and a police chief with one officer, along with he and many others in the town, pitched in and helped us build our home. We opened a youth center which is now the library. There were some who wanted small businesses in town so the town got zoning approved after the planning board scheduled many public meetings. We worked with an attorney and went to every house with a questionnaire proposing what we wanted for the town. The zoning bylaws were then sent to the attorney general, and it was approved with a letter congratulating the townspeople. As time went on, others moved in because of the beauty, what the town offered, and how friendly the residents were.

The wind turbine moratorium that is asked for will not only help unite the town it will help everyone, not just a few.

An old resident who lived behind the fire station said, when the zoning was being drawn up, “If God like Peru when he made it, then leave it alone.” Those words are what the zoning was based on.



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