September 18, 2013

Windfarm plan refused by councillors

Published by: Dominic Robertson | 18 September 2013 |

Controversial plans to transport windfarm components through Mid Wales have been turned down – along with a proposal to build a 23 turbine windfarm.

Powys County Council’s planning committee refused the applications concerning Garreg Lwyd Windfarm because of ‘landscape’, ‘visual’, ‘amenity’ ‘highway safety’ impacts.

The windfarm would have been situated between Felindre and Llanbadarn Fynydd in Radnorshire.

RES, the developer behind the proposal said it was disappointed at the decision and called on Powys County Council “to explain how it intends to fulfil its responsibilities to secure a reliable and sustainable energy supply in future if high quality and benign projects like Garreg Lwyd Wind Farm are turned down.”

However, Montgomeryshire Assembly Member, Russell George said: “I think Powys Council have made the right decision in refusing both these applications.”

The transportation route for the project would have involved bringing components through Newtown, creating a road through the yard of a Newtown business to avoid Newtown’s four way traffic light junction with Kerry Road.

It would also have required substantial works to be carried out to the unclassified road between the Vastre and Dolfor.

Richard Evans, RES head of development in Wales, said: “We are deeply disappointed by the decision. We felt that the evidence we had presented in the original application and supplementary reports clearly demonstrated that the wind farm would have no significant effects on local people, the local environment or local wildlife.

“In addition, the windfarm was proposed for a site lying entirely within an area designated by Welsh Government for renewable energy development.”

Mr Evans said that nearly 500 properties near the site would have been eligible for a £230 annual discount on their electricity bills and the wind farm would also have provided a community fund to support local social, environmental and educational projects.

Mr George said: “I am against the proliferation of windfarms in Montgomeryshire. I also believe if the road alterations proposed by the windfarm developer had been passed it would lead to a large volume of abnormal loads passing through the town, detrimentally impacting the entire Mid Wales region.”

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