September 18, 2013

North East man says officials wrongly refused to hear public

A North East Township resident says that township supervisors wrongly refused to accept public comment during a public business meeting Monday.

Matt Putman, of Macoun Way, said that he tried to comment as supervisors suggested revisions to proposed wind farm regulations Monday, and was not permitted.

The public had its opportunity to discuss the issues during a hearing on the proposed ordinance last week, Supervisor Vernon Frye told Putman. Monday’s meeting was an opportunity for supervisors to discuss issues raised during the hearing, Frye said.

State law requires government officials to provide an opportunity for public comment on actions or deliberations on the agenda at each advertised business meeting.

Monday’s North East Township agenda included time for public comment at the beginning of the meeting, before supervisors addressed the proposed wind ordinance, but supervisors did not ask for comments, Putman said.

Frye said that he asked for public comments and got none.

Others at the meeting also disagreed about what happened.

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