September 17, 2013

Winslow family says no to wind turbines

By Todd Vandonk | Peterborough This Week | 16 September 2013 |

PETERBOROUGH – The Winslow family has had a change of heart and won’t be erecting a wind turbine on their family farm at this time.

Nearly 50 people broke out in a cheer, and some in tears, when son-in-law Norm Lamothe announced Monday (Sept. 16) at a press conference that his family had withdrawn its commitment to M.K. Ince and Associates Ltd. Mr. Lamothe says the change of heart comes after listening to the community’s concerns,

“They were deeply concerned from a health prospective and the health effects it may have on their families,” he said.

“It certainly touched us and we decided at that point that it was not going to happen.”

M.K. Ince and Associates Ltd., owned by Martin Ince, plans to build five industrial-size turbines in Cavan Monaghan Township. The wind farm would overlook the Devil Elbow skill area and also straddle the City of Kawartha Lakes border.

“We’re very relieved,” explains David Frank, chair of Cavan Says No group.

“Locally, this is major blow to the developer here but it is not over yet and people have to be aware of that.”

While Mr. Ince is hopeful residents in the area will get onboard with his plans, there’s strong opposition from a group of residents and the Township, citing health issues and impacts to property values among their top concerns,

“The relief on their faces was worth my drive to come here today,” says Debbie Lynch who travelled from Norwood to support the local protesters.

“I really give the Winslow family credit for taking the time to do further research and to take the opinion of their community and neighbours to heart.”

Mr. Lamothe says his family can’t speak to the status of other land owners committed to the project, nor the viability moving forward, but submitted a formal request to council to initiate a discussion as to what they would promote as a meaningful and sustainable way for the municipality to enter the era of green energy.

“We urge you to consider available options and clearly define the parameters for these projects for those who would like to participate,” he explains.

“Rather than tearing the community apart over sustainable green energy, let’s work at building it together.”

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