September 15, 2013

Higher subsidies to build windfarms

Perthshire Advertiser | Sep 15 2013 |

Windfarm developers will be given a cash incentive to build more turbines on Scottish islands.

Ed Davey, the UK Energy Secretary, is to announce a higher subsidy for projects on Shetland, Orkney and the Western Isles than on the mainland.

He hopes the draft deal, which would be worth £115 per mega watt hour (MWh) for onshore wind, will help harness the “amazing green energy sources” on the islands.

It could lead to hundreds more turbines generating an additional 400 MWh for the grid.

“People have been waiting for this decision to be taken, no one has taken it before, and we are delivering it,” he said.

“We think it’s going to be extremely good news.

“It’s going to enable them to develop these windfarms, to sell that electricity, that green energy, and they will create jobs and economic activity.”

The so-called strike price of £115 is higher than the £100 proposed for the UK mainland in 2014-15.

Mr Davey will announce the plan as part of his address to the Lib Dem conference being held in Glasgow.

Earlier he said: “This is good news for the future of renewables in Scotland and this unique solution will pave the way for more investment in green energy.

“An independent report showed that the specific circumstances of the Scottish lslands required a different approach that breaks the mould of the wider UK strike price mechanism, and we are delivering that.

“This was possible because of a strong partnership between Westminster, Holyrood and the island councils. Thanks to consumers across the whole of the United Kingdom, we can offer this special higher strike price, so Britain gets more green energy, so consumers’ bills in Scotland are kept affordable and so the green economy of the Islands grows.

“It is now down to investors to come forward and work with us to ensure the Scottish Islands share in renewable technology and UK-wide green growth.”

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