September 13, 2013
Letters, Massachusetts

Noise never leaves

The Recorder | September 12, 2013 |

This past week I have enjoyed watching as the Iberdrola Company has kept its promise to rebuild our road, Tilda Hill Road, since they really destroyed it with all their heavy equipment and many, many truckloads of all kinds of materials. I was thinking how easy it is for a big company to repair the damage they may do to a road, BUT what about the damage they have done to us who live on Tilda Hill Road and Moore’s Road?

We hear today about “home invasion,” which is a serious breach of somebody’s personal safety and the law steps in to protect the people in that home. Our homes have been invaded by sound and strobe lights and huge towering windmills and, for the most part, the officials who have the authority seem to shrug their shoulders and say, “So what?” and walk away.

We can’t walk away. It’s there with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The noise gives us headaches and wakes us up at nigh,t causing sleep deprivation, and the sound is there whenever you’re in the north end of our house or out in the yard. There are mornings when the strobe effect wakes you or causes you to have to go into another room as it causes dizziness and nausea.

I know if I played music outside and turned the volume up, some of my neighbors wouldn’t like it and might even call some authorities to tell me to turn it off or turn it down, and I would comply. How do WE get our problem and our neighbors’ problems fixed so that we aren’t invaded with these sights and sounds that have such a negative impact on us?

Thanks for the road, Iberdrola, BUT I wish you had NEVER come into Florida or Monroe!


Florida, Mass.

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