September 12, 2013

Turbine plan concerns

By James Burton | Hull Daily Mail | September 12, 2013 |

Residents in Kirk Ella are warning that an 87m wind turbine could have a seriously detrimental affect on their quality of life if it is given planning permission.

Renewables company Lantanier Ireland wants to build the turbine on land off Albion Lane to the north of the village.

But homeowners are concerned about noise, its effect on the landscape and a possible drop in house prices if East Riding Council allows the generator to go up.

Kirk Ella and West Ella Parish Council is objecting strongly to the plans.

Chairman Margaret Raymond said: “It’s a big turbine. It’s massive.

“This is in an area that is at the top of the Wolds’ visual beauty area.

“A turbine in this area will have undue prominence from many directions.

“The visual impact will spoil the local countryside.”

Cllr Raymond said some experts believe houses near a turbine can suffer a 25 per cent price drop.

She said she had also read that sound levels produced by such a turbine were the equivalent to five motorbike engines running continuously.

In addition, Cllr Raymond questioned the value of wind energy to local inhabitants.

She said: “The approximate lifespan of a turbine can be up to 25 years and no one has ever thought about decommissioning.

“The energy produced by wind farms – or wind factories, I would like to call them – is unreliable and inefficient.

“They need to be switched off during strong winds.

“The only beneficiaries are the landowners where they’re built.”

Skidby Parish Council has also opposed the erection of the turbine.

In a letter to council planners, it said: “We feel the wind turbine will be a visual intrusion as there are few trees to break up the open landscape.”

There is still time for residents to share their views on the turbine plans. To view the application, visit access and search for reference number 13/02629.

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