September 10, 2013
Letters, Massachusetts

Birds don’t stand a chance where turbines are sited

Cape Cod Times | September 10, 2013 | /

I am writing as to the proposed wind turbine the Audubon Society in Wellfleet wishes to build.

I live 1,700 feet from the Falmouth turbines and attest to the fact that there were no animals anymore on my property after they went up. Not even snakes, which used to shed under my bulkhead doors every spring. They are now back since the town shut them off during the nights.

Many animals have returned, save the fox and deer. They are able to leave for safer surroundings. Birds, however, don’t stand a chance since they are in flight and not land dwellers.

It’s sad and ironic that the Audubon Society, which was developed for the purpose of protecting animals, now wants to build a structure that will harm them.

Sharon Eddy


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