September 6, 2013
England, U.K.

Poll reveals large majority ‘support wind farms’

This is Lincolnshire | September 06, 2013 |

A poll has revealed that 67 per cent of people across the nation support building more wind farms in the areas where they live.

The results are in contrast to a recent Lincolnshire County Council survey which suggested 90 per cent of people in the county support the authority’s “tough stance” against the technology.

Carried out by ComRes, the latest poll suggested 33 per cent of people support in the country support fracking and 31 per cent support nuclear power.

Green industry trade body RenewableUK said the poll provided “cast-iron evidence” that there were “high levels” of support for wind farms.

Chief executive Maria McCaffery said: “Every opinion poll done in recent years has put the support for wind at over 65 per cent and that is no fluke.

“It is born out of the concerns people have over the country being over reliant on imported fossil fuels, which are putting up all our electricity bills, and the need to reduce our carbon emissions.

“This poll also blows a hole in the myth that people don’t want wind farms built anywhere near them.

“We know that isn’t true and this survey offers further proof that actually support for wind is extremely strong in local communities around the country.”

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