September 6, 2013

MP steps up fight to stop county being ‘blighted by wind turbines’

Yorkshire Post | 06 September 2013 |

Former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis is backing villagers in their fight against yet another wind turbine on their doorsteps.

The Haltemprice and Howden MP said villagers objecting to an application by ACS Scutt and Son for a site between Hive and Eastrington had a strong case as they already have to live with the 10-turbine Sixpennywood Farm nearby.

Figures suggest 136 turbines have either been erected, approved or proposed within a 20km area of Hive, Sandholme and Eastrington, with further large projects planned at Cowick, Holme on Spalding Moor and along the Wolds Way.

Residents are concerned that green energy targets will mean even more turbines foisted on the area, and that the countryside is being eroded with a potential impact on the economy. Mr Davis said: “The villagers of Hive have a strong case against any more wind turbines, given that they already have to tolerate the wind farm at Sixpenny Wood on their doorstep. The council should also reject this application to show that they will not allow the whole county to be blighted by piecemeal ‘thin end of the wedge’ applications.”

Joanne Stocks, who would be within 600m of the turbine, close to one of the few green lanes in the area, said: “It is a lovely sight on a night – but soon the sun is going to be setting behind a turbine.”

Meanwhile East Riding councillors, meeting in Beverley, rejected proposals for two 125m-high turbines at Spaldington. Developers Volkswind UK wanted to erect them on sites similar to a previous proposal, which was rejected at appeal two years ago. Six parish councils had objected, one saying the proliferation of farms was “getting ridiculous”.

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