September 4, 2013

Virginia company responds to Piedmont’s decision to ban wind farm

By Steve Shaw, News 9 | Sep 03, 2013 |

PIEDMONT, Oklahoma – The Virginia company that plans to build a large wind farm spanning Kingfisher and Canadian Counties is responding to what the town of Piedmont did a week ago.

City Council last Monday filed an injunction forbidding APEX Wind Energy from building any wind turbines within three miles of the city limits.

The town’s major concern is declining property values. APEX says wind farms that have already been built all over the country actually increase property values over time.

“We don’t have to go that far but to Weatherford where there’s been a wind farm for ten years,” says APEX’s Chris Knapp. “A wind farm surrounds that entire city and the reality is if you look at property values there now, they have continued to increase.”

Knapp says the proposed wind farm will also bring in million of dollars in added revenue for the Okarche school district.

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