September 2, 2013
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Low frequency, high impact

The Standard | September 2, 2013 |

An advertisement on behalf of AGL (The Standard, July 27) claimed “independent report demonstrates no change in infrasound levels after construction of Macarthur wind farm”.

What wasn’t mentioned was infrasound noise testing was only carried out at two properties around the wind factory – hardly representative of 80 properties within three kilometres from turbines.

An increasing number of families are severely impacted by background noise and infrasound from the turbines.

Infrasound is a form of sub-audible noise “torturing” residents out to five kilometres from turbines.

See to learn about the impact on body organs. Infrasound penetrates walls, windows, floors and ceiling of homes. Nothing shields the impact of infrasound.

Symptoms are severe head pressure/very sore ears/pressure in the nose, throat, jaws and teeth.

Also ground-borne vibration causes nausea, heart palpitations and tight chest. We suffer these symptoms day in day out, night in night out.

Our sleep is severely disrupted, waking constantly with head pressure, sore ears, pounding heart. Some residents are waking in the night, their body vibrating uncontrollably.

Many neighbours are forced to leave home at least two days and two nights of every week to have a decent sleep and remove their bodies from the impact of infrasound and low-frequency noise.

One family was forced to leave their home, job and the district seven weeks after full commissioning of all turbines, due to the impact of infrasound on their two young children.

AGL notes that “in a rural environment, typical sources of low-frequency noise would be vehicles, agricultural machinery, water pumps, compressors and natural sources”. But these machines do not operate through the night in people’s homes.

Residents have on file over 150 complaints sent to AGL since October 2012. Surely these people, living healthily in this district for 30 to 60 years, cannot all have suddenly become so very ill, coinciding with commencement of turbines in October 2012?

After repeatedly asking for correctly designed infrasound measurement methodologies for our homes, we were advised in February this year by AGL, this would be developed. We now find that a “smoke and mirrors” report has been rushed through without any proper measurements in our homes.

Hopefully, the community here will wake up to unreliable and expensive wind power, described by a NSW politician as “the greatest government sponsored fraud in the history of Australia”.

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Annie Gardner, Penshurst

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