August 31, 2013

Nenagh residents form action group against P+G wind turbine plan

Tipperary Star | 31 August 2013 |

An action group opposed to the planned wind turbine at Procter and Gamble has been set up by residents in the affected areas. Nenagh Wind Turbine Opposition Group – – have held a number of meetings in recent weeks in response to these concerns and plans to hold a public meeting shortly.

The group comprises residents from Coolaholloga, Richmond, Ardan Rua, Killnasalla, Wilton, Gortlandroe, Clonaslee, St.Conlon’s Road, Drom na Coille, and Dromin Road

In a statement this week, the group pointed out that Nenagh Castle is 31m high and the proposed wind turbine development will measure 131m to the top of the rotor blades, making it more than four times higher than the local historical landmark.

“It has the potential to be a major visual blot on the landscape if it gets the go ahead,” they state.

The group siad that one of the major concerns for those living in close to the planned development is detrimental health issues, and a 2012 British Medical Journal editorial suggests there is evidence of a strong link between wind turbine noise, ill health, and disruption of sleep, and sleep disruption may be a particular problem in children, especially in children with autism.

“Concerned parents in our area now question if the planned development goes ahead, will the wind turbine noise change our children’s sleep patterns and lead to behavioral changes and a substantial decline in their school performances?” they ask.

The group also states it is “totally unacceptable” that seven residents in Richmond will have to suffer shadow flicker, and have asked if drivers on the N52 will also be exposed to flicker.

The group has also raised concerned over property prices, pointing out that Nenagh autioneers had said it would have a detrimental effect on prices and wonders if houses suffering from flicker will now be “worthless”. They also point out that nobody would want to buy a house near awind turbine.

They also cite An Bord Pleanala’s decision to refuse permission for a turbine in Dungarvan at GlaxoSmithKline on the basis of its proximity to residential property, and the decision to refuse at Johnson&Johnson in Castletroy, Limerick, by reason of its proposed height.

“We believe that the decisions outlined in both cases above could be strongly applied to the proposal in Nenagh,” says the group.

The group says that areas not in close proximity to Procter and Gamble should be worried as successful planning permission in this case may pave the way for similar planning proposals at other locations in the environs of Nenagh.

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