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Aug. 25, 2013: Letters to the editor

Support property guarantees, juwi

I’m writing in response to the article published regarding juwi Wind and its request to the Tipton Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) to drop the property value guarantee (PVG) requirement the BZA set forth in March.

In the article, juwi CEO Michael Rucker says the PVG is an unnecessary requirement and could set a precedent in trying to recruit new business in Tipton County.

Now, anyone following this ongoing battle with the wind companies has heard the influx of money into the county will, depending on where we are in the fight, save the schools, save the family farm, save the roads. Now juwi is worried about future economic development in our county.

Mr. Rucker, if you have that much care and concern for the future of Tipton County and by extension its residents, then providing a valid PVG should be of the utmost importance for you. However, I contend this newest request is more of the same disrespect you showed the BZA after it ruled against your request to modify the setback conditions.

Juwi is not wanted here, except by the few who will get to line their pockets, while the rest of us lose property value.

Theresa Vaughn


Taxpayers will pay for wind turbines

Let your voice be heard before it is too late to stop the industrial wind farms from coming to your area.

Ask yourself, do you want more than 800 industrial wind turbines close to your home or property? I have not seen any farm leaseholders with wind turbines close to their homes. It is asinine to think that these monstrous turbines belong around any populated areas.

The people in Windfall are living in turmoil because of the many wind turbine problems. The wind farm companies have not kept their promises to correct these major issues. They have been dilatory in all matters.

The issue of property value is a major concern. If you cannot sell your property because of the industrial turbines, it is fair to say the value of your home is zero! The fact is, no one wants to buy a house or business located close to the enormous wind farms.

We live 11 miles west of Windfall. We can sit on our front porch and count the blades slowly turning. What is going to happen when the wind turbines are operating at full speed? What new problems will occur?

The energy created by these wind turbines will not benefit our local community. That energy will go to the highest bidder.

We all know that federal government subsidies do not last forever. The government is good at starting projects, but not keeping them funded. Hence, the projects are gone in no time.

When this happens, these industrial wind farm companies will move on, go bankrupt and disappear. Our farmland will have acres and acres of noisy, rusting, leaking industrial wind turbines. They will all be non-operational. Who is going to be responsible for all the destruction left behind?

Again, it will be the taxpayers who will pay the price for decades to come.

Tim and Linda Jarvis


Tipton needs study on turbines’ effect

After reading the papers recently, it would seem our Tipton County officials are relying to a certain degree on information provided them by the turbine companies to make their decisions about a comprehensive plan for the county in regards to wind power. I don’t recall any of them contacting people in Wildcat Township to get feedback on how the turbines affect our property or personal lives.

I would think that this county had learned some lessons about jumping the gun on decisions that promise healthy revenues without getting some guarantees or doing the research necessary to be certain its decisions do not negatively affect the lives or property of its citizens.

Why did we not ask for 10-year studies of similar agricultural areas to get an idea of what is really true? Did we think the wind companies would not stretch the truth or tell us everything we didn’t think to ask? Is the glitter of the dollar so great we cannot protect our citizens by possibly unwise decision-making?

Tipton County is one of the garden spots of the world. It would seem many do not understand what this means. Outside revenues should not be needed to save the family farm.

It would seem any revenues generated will be swallowed up by lower property value for individuals, plus it certainly curbs any citizen growth of our county in the turbine areas, which is in direct correlation to our declining school enrollment.

It is possibly time to issue a two-year moratorium so the full impact of wind power, both pro and con, can be studied in depth.

Fred McCorkle