August 22, 2013

Wind turbines project could stand more than 100m tall

Lincolnshire Echo | August 22, 2013 |

An 100-metre inland wind turbine could be built near Sleaford, if plans are put forward.

York Green Renewables is considering the move for land at Northbeck.

The company is undertaking a feasibility study before it makes any application to North Kesteven District Council.

The company hopes to build a 500kw turbine, although its full height has not yet been decided.

York Green Renewables says it is considering two options for a single turbine, rather than a wind farm.

Depending on the outcome of an environmental impact assessment, the turbine could be over 100 metres tall.

It will be on a freestanding 75 metre high pole, with its blades spanning more than 50 metres in diameter.

A second option is being considered, which will mean it could be a smaller 77 metres.

If it makes an application, the company will assess noise levels and any impact on the countryside caused by the turbine.

However residents won’t be consulted over any plans unless a formal application is put forward by the company.

A spokesperson from North Kesteven District Council said: “It is important to note that as this is only a screening request, no formal consultations or neighbours are consulted.

“It is simply an application to find out as and when they decide to submit a formal application, if it will need to be accompanied by relevant screening documentation.

“It is a little confusing, but in a nutshell they are asking us what documents they’d need to submit with a formal application if one is ever made.”

A York Green Renewables spokesperson said: “The company has been in pre-application dialogue with North Kesteven District Council.”

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