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Wind turbines wrong for lake

There are so many negatives for industrial scale wind turbines in Lake Erie or anywhere, for that matter. It is ludicrous to build them in Lake Erie.

Migrating birds (ducks, gulls, loons, even eagles and osprey) would have to navigate through this industrial minefield. There will be many casualties, which developers even admit.

Consider the construction consequences. The pile drivers pounding in the monopoles stands will certainly disrupt the fish and fish migrations. Don’t be fooled by the developers who claim the installation of wind turbines in our lake will improve fishing. There is no proof.

Lake Erie is already regarded as a world-class trophy fishery for bass and walleye, and we do not need wind developers to make it better. Wind turbines have not been installed in the Great Lakes or in any North American freshwater lakes. There is no data to support claims these will improve the fishing.

All industrial scale wind-power projects require backup generation, and it is usually coal or natural gas power plants. Both generate carbon dioxide emissions, and the backup has to run continuously because you do not know when it will be needed. There is no reduction in carbon dioxide with wind energy. This is fact.

Thomas MarksGreat Lakes Wind Truth, Derby, N.Y.