August 12, 2013
Illinois, Letters

School might not want wind turbine

The News-Gazette | August 12, 2013 |

Geoff Freymuth, a seventh grade teacher at Jefferson Middle School, wants a wind turbine for the school. But maybe he has not done enough homework.

The Sherrard High School just south of the Quad Cities has a very big wind turbine, due to grant money. Less than a year old, it stopped working last winter. At the end of July 2013, it was still not working. That means the energy benefit and the budgetary benefit for the school has been lost.

Repairs are very expensive, more than the school budget can afford right now. So the effect is that Sherrard has a wind turbine white elephant, “a possession of great value but entailing ever greater expense” (American Collegiate Dictionary). The next school board meeting, Geoff Freymuth could report about Sherrard High School and ask if Jefferson can really afford a wind turbine, even with a grant.



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