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The truth about wind, solar power

Tuesday’s article, “Newly available wind power often has no place to go” is full of lies by commission and omission.

In the first paragraph it says the electric grid can’t handle the power produced by wind energy.

This begs the question, are the present customers being supplied with the power they need? The answer is yes.

So why do they need wind power? The answer is in the next paragraph.

It is state mandated.

Green energy from wind and solar cannot compete in a free market place. It must be subsidized with taxpayer money.

The map displayed in the article is a big lie by omission.

Under the headline it states, “The amount of electricity states are able to generate using wind turbines; in megawatts, for 2012:” What it leaves out, and this is key, is that it’s only available if the wind is constantly blowing 20-plus mph.

The wind doesn’t always blow and the sun is even less reliable, not shining at night and shielded by clouds sometimes during the day.

It is almost impossible to parallel in a power source as unreliable as wind and solar into our existing electric grid, and this is what they are not telling you.

The only true reliable and economically feasible green energy sources are hydro and nuclear. Most politicians don’t know what the first is and Hollywood and the media have ruined the chances for the second to flourish.