August 9, 2013
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Don’t put false hopes in wind power future

The Day | 08/09/2013 |

On Oct.7, 2012, The Day published a well documented commentary by F. K. Sullivan of East Lyme, titled “Energy’s Future not Wind.”

It caused the usual pro and con reaction, some based on fact, fiction and the growing desire for political correctness of those touting wind energy as a means of easing global warming.

Let’s just look at wind energy. The wind farms off Block Island failed to materialize and probably will not happen in Cape Cod for various sound reasons, including huge initial costs.

Wind energy has been successful in Palm Springs California, the Texas Panhandle, and out West and overall, but it only produces about 1.37 percent of our nation’s electric power. What price we are paying, not in dollars, but in bird, raptor and bat mortality? Millions of these animals have been slaughtered.

Just equate this to the thousands of jobs that could be created by more efficient energy developments as the Canadian pipe line and more natural gas development.

Is this not just another example of the sins and lack of virtues of our politicians?

William H. Ezell
New London

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