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The answer is no

In April 2012, the Land Use Regulation Commission rejected First Wind’s proposal to build turbines on Bowers Mountain in Carroll Plantation. Officials felt the wind turbines’ effect on mountain and lake views, and businesses that profit from them, would be too great. First Wind then attempted to submit a revised proposal to LURC. It, too, was rejected.

On Aug. 5, after more extensive Department of Environmental Protection review, and more public hearings, DEP Commissioner Patricia Aho signed the final denial decision document on another “revised” Bowers Mountain Wind Project. DEP concluded again that “the proposed activity would have an unreasonable adverse effect on the scenic character and existing uses related to scenic character of the resource.”

First Wind says they’re “disappointed and haven’t decided whether to appeal.” Really? This must be what Yogi Berra meant when he said “It’s deja vu all over again.”

The arrogance of First Wind is incredible. Yes, there are two sides to the issue. But the review of the Bowers Mountain Project has undergone two years of the democratic process, repeated public testimony and extensive reviews by Maine government agencies. And the answer is: No. Denied. Rejected. Does First Wind need an interpreter?

First Wind is not used to losing. It is obvious that unless it suits their agenda, they have no respect for the state agencies that represent us. It’s time for them to learn that their deep pockets and legion of lawyers can’t steamroll the people of Maine.

The state of Maine should not waste another taxpayer dollar on any more appeals or stall tactics by First Wind. It’s over. Let’s not beat this dead horse any more.

Jack Gagnon