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Sold out by neighbours

The article in the Crookwell Gazette (June 25, 2013) where Charlie Prell is quoted saying that the anti wind farm lobby are “wealthy, well connected landholders who didn’t want to look at the turbines” is totally incorrect.

We are the people who have been sold out by our neighbours in the chase of the almighty dollar. We are very upset at the destruction of our visual amenity, the potential for noise and health problems and finally the devaluation of our assets. Some people very close to the Gullen Range Project are now in the position that their homes/properties are virtually unsaleable.

It is very distressing watching your life’s work, building up an asset, only to have it be devalued by up to 50% (as has happened in Victoria) due to the actions of your neighbours.

The wind farm people need to look at the information of collateral damage to neighbouring landholders (noise, electromagnetic radiation etc) coming out of Canada, where in Ontario these people have been given permission, after a court ruling, that they are able to sue the turbine hosts for damages. There are similar ruling occurring in Ireland and the EU, so maybe the tide is turning.

Finally, the whole “wind farm thing” is a sham and wouldn’t be happening at all, if it wasn’t for huge government subsidies, which results in escalating electricity costs, benefits few and harms many.

Yours sincerely

Victoria Mendl