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Imagine Will Rogers’ take on a bird-killing sanctuary

I’m glad I didn’t witness the killing of a rare white-throated needletail bird that died instantly on June 26 when it flew into the blades of a “small” wind turbine on a mountainous island off the coast of Scotland.

Dozens of bird-watchers who witnessed this event were left horrified and devastated as they watched this rare bird’s remains fall to the ground, according to published reports. Previous to this killing the white-throated needletail had been sighted only eight times in the United Kingdom in the past 170 years.

The Wellfleet Audubon is proposing to construct a “small” 14.2-story wind turbine on its “sanctuary lands.”

To me, this proposed wind turbine proves once again that Will Rogers was spot-on with his quote, “common sense ain’t common.”

Mike Rice

South Wellfleet