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County officials should deny wind farm developers

I agree fully with Bill Harvey and others who oppose wind farm developments in Baker County. If the two proposed sites are approved they won’t be in my view corridor like the monstrosity in Union County is. The blight on the landscape created by wind farms is not, however, my main objection. They are but another example of how the bogus climate change and green energy scams have influenced our nation’s policy makers and at great expense to us as taxpayers.

One of the leading corporations which packages funding for prospective wind farm developments brags that up to 80 percent of the capital costs of such developments can be paid by government grants. That’s our tax money. Further, such developments once built qualify for significant tax credits for every megawatt of electricity produced. There is another negative impact on an already struggling economy folks.

Looking at the big picture: appearance; negative impact on wildlife and the environment; and the fact that without substantial subsidies these projects are economic losers it is clear that the Board of Commissioners should not approve these projects. Approval by the Commissioners will contribute to the developers making money, but at the expense of the rest of us. The Commissioners’ responsibility is to the majority, not companies or individuals who will benefit at taxpayer expense.

Jerry Boyd

Baker City