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Hoary blast

The real cost of wind turbine subsidies, which are added to electricity bills, is being revealed bit by bit despite the wind industry’s reluctance to “come clean”.

Scotland’s wind farms are getting £19,000 in subsidies every hour. Developers have “harvested” £1.84 billion since 2002.

In Scotland developers have been paid £27.2m since 2010 to switch off their turbines during storms. They got another £20m when stormy weather was predicted. Despite all this, carbon dioxide emissions are rising. We were sold the idea that turbines were green and provided cheap electricity, which now is shown to be a lie.

The bulk of wind subsidies are paid out north of the Border so what will happen if Scotland votes for independence?

England and Wales will refuse to pay for Scotland’s turbine subsidies, leaving us with horrifically inflated electricity bills.

Despite this, Alex Salmond will continue to boast that Scotland has the best carbon reduction targets in the world and he is saving the planet.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road