July 9, 2013

Developer gives up on proposed Lompoc wind power project

By Keith Carls | Jul 09, 2013 | www.kcoy.com

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif – Earlier this year at a highly publicized “energy summit” in northern Santa Barbara County a representative of the proposed Lompoc wind farm project south of the Lompoc Valley said it was on solid footing to move forward and eventually break ground as the largest wind energy generation project on the Central Coast.

Now the Spanish-owned Acciona Energy company has decided to take a pass on the Lompoc wind farm project.

This despite years of going through the notoriously slow and strict Santa Barbara County Planning review process, getting the approval of the County Board of Supervisors and even getting extensions on its building permits.

A neighboring property owner, George Bedford, unsuccessfully fought the project arguing the 400-foot tall wind turbines never had the same, thorough county environmental review his dream home had to go through when he built it.

The estimate $120 million wind farm project would have seen dozens of the giant turbines built on leased private land in the Miguelito Canyon hills south of Vandenberg Air Force Base where wind gusts exceed 30 miles an hour on a daily basis.

Acciona has decided its future windpower projects lie elsewere in the country and overseas.

“In this case we had some other opportunities that we thought were a better fit for our investment”, says Acciona spokesperson Peter Gray, “we have to focus on those priorities, unfortunately that means we’re not going to be moving forward with the Lompoc project.”

Gray says Acciona is negotiating with seven property owners to nullify leases the company signed with private property owners to build the wind farm.

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