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Residents near wind project attest to health woes

There are serious health problems in the Shirley Wind project in southern Brown County. Inaudible sound and low frequency noise (LFN) were measured in three vacated homes in early December 2012. Dr. Alec Salt’s peer-reviewed report, “Wind Turbines Can Be Hazardous to Human Health,” stated such noise can damage one’s inner ear mechanism, which might explain why 55 residents near the Shirley Wind project have completed affidavits for the Brown County Board of Health reporting headaches, dizziness, nausea, ear pressure, tinnitus and sleep deprivation while living in their homes.

There is a reason why Bill Rakocy of Emerging Energies Wind Systems and other private wind developers don’t live anywhere near the wind projects they build.

What amount of money from a “good neighbor agreement” or an industrial wind turbine contract with a wind developer is worth the added risk to the health of Wisconsin’s children?

Sandra Johnson