June 27, 2013
Rhode Island

Public hearings continue on Whalerock

By MARIA SHANAHAN | June 27, 2013 | www.ricentral.com

CHARLESTOWN – The Charlestown Zoning Board held a third public hearing last Wednesday night, June 19, and scheduled two more, as the zoning board determines whether to allow Whalerock Renewable Energy LLC to erect two wind turbines in the town.

Nicholas Gorham, attorney for Whalerock, continued Whalerock’s presentation, introducing expert witnesses Dr. Jay Singer, a professor of audiology at the University of Rhode Island, and Michael Lenihan, a licensed real estate broker and certified general appraiser with more than 40 years of experience.
Gorham continued to object to the town’s involvement in the case and asked the board to require John Mancini, attorney for the town and some “aggrieved parties” to identify what Gorham called “undisclosed phantom aggrieved parties.”
Mancini refused to do so and the board said they would not obligate Mancini to identify the parties he represents.
Testimony continued in front of a vociferous audience who clapped and booed based on the testimony and commentary.
Singer testified to the noise the wind turbines produce and how they may affect residents living in the vicinity of the turbines.
At previous hearings, zoning board members have asked about infrasound, or low frequency sound, which is lower than 20 hertz, the “normal” limit of human hearing.
According to Singer, infrasound is a “very rare sound” which does not occur in the environment “except under unusual circumstances” and is mostly produced in laboratories.

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