June 27, 2013
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Outraged by wind power

North Devon Journal | June 27, 2013 | www.thisisnorthdevon.co.uk

I am outraged by the article “Pupils challenged to build own wind turbines” in the Journal on June 6.

Wind turbines are environmentally ungreen and unfriendly. They are weapons of mass destruction killing millions of birds and bats worldwide. Their noise frequencies cause severe health problems. They destroy the heritage of our landscape and divide communities. They are an outdated technology and many countries are taking the things down due to their inefficiency.

It is outrageous that Npower is allowed into our schools to promote them.

Such a divisive technology, which is not supported by the majority of intelligent people in this country, should not be encouraged in any school.

The children should be taught about the real effects of this technology.

I wonder if Npower tells the children that to make turbines Neodymium magnets are needed and have to be extracted from the earth, creating huge toxic lakes, the fumes from which cause many people in China to have to wear masks (Telegraph colour magazine, 2012). How green and environmentally friendly is that?

Npower is a money-making company and has no interest at all in being environmentally friendly and green.

If I was one of the parents I would refuse to let my child be indoctrinated by these people, who are not educators but indoctrinators who should be banned from our schools.


South Molton.

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