June 25, 2013

Meaford not a willing wind turbine host

Written by CKNXam920 - News | June 25, 2013 | blackburnnews.com

Meaford has joined the growing list of rural municipalities declaring themselves Not A Willing Host to wind turbines.

In a recorded vote of 5 to 2 Monday night, council approved a resolution to advise the Ministry of the Environment that “Meaford is not a willing host” for industrial wind turbines.

Councillors Linda Stephen and Deborah Young cast the only ‘Nay’ votes. Before voting, Young said she felt the resolution was unnecessary because council already voted last year to call for a moratorium on wind farms.

Councillor Young also said she had done her own research on wind power in other countries, and Canada is the only country lagging behind in the development of wind power. She told Meaford council that at last count, 100 countries now have wind power developments.

Centre Wellington has also joined the many other municipalities saying ‘no’ to industrial wind turbines.

But Centre Wellington Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj contends the move is not new, but rather an extension of at least one resolution passed previously at council. That motion had asked the Ministry of the Environment to issue a moratorium on wind energy projects until a health study has been completed by an independent third party.

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