June 19, 2013

Village worries over giant wind turbine

By Richard Wevill | Mid Devon Gazette | June 18, 2013 | www.thisisdevon.co.uk

A wind turbine in the Mid Devon countryside would be equivalent in height to a 23-storey block of offices, objectors to the controversial proposal are warning.

An application to site a 500kw wind turbine, which would be 71m from base to blade tip, on land at Langland Farm, Morchard Bishop, was made last week.

Sixteen letters of opposition have already been received by Mid Devon District Council – one from Wimbledon.

Londoner Liv Case said: “As a seasoned visitor to Mid Devon, I believe that putting a wind turbine up in such a remote area would completely detract from the beauty of the rugged landscape. It would seem out of tune to put it in such a location and as such I strongly object.”

Another objector, Jean Perrin, said residents were worried about being “surrounded” by turbines. She said: “Mid Devon relies on tourism and this alien feature will have a damaging impact on the landscape.”

“Keep Mid Devon turbine-free and be proud of it.”

But in a letter of support, Morchard Bishop resident, Peter Moffett wrote: “I think wind turbines enhance the countryside and contribute to electricity supplies without causing pollution or posing any danger.”

Morchard Bishop Parish Council is calling for a decision to be delayed for comments from them because their next meting is not until July 1, but it describe the application as for a “large and controversial installation.”

Farmer Royston Tucker who keeps sheep and grows cereals on 180 acres at Langland Farm wants to put up the turbine south of the farm, a mile from Morchard Bishop.

The application documents say the turbine would be a steel-clad tower with a hub height of 50m (164 feet) and the height to tip of blade would be 71m.

It would have an installed capacity of 50kw, and based on the average energy use in Mid Devon this would produced sufficient for more than 400 homes.

If planning permission is granted, Mr Tucker says that he would pay an annual sum for community use for the parish of Morchard Bishop through the operational life of the turbine.

An environmental appraisal report has been submitted alongside the planning application.

The conclusion of that report says that although the construction of a single wind turbine on that site is likely to have some landscape and visual impact, it is “unlikely to significantly affect the wider rural landscape character.”

The application is due to be determined by Mid Devon council and anyone who wants to express a view on the proposal has until the end of the month to make representations to the authority.

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