June 13, 2013
Nova Scotia

Wind turbine fight dies down in Cape Breton; Despite protests, plan to build new wind turbine on Isle Madame going forward

CBC News | June 12, 2013 | www.cbc.ca

Richmond County and Scotian Windfields have reached a settlement which will allow a plan to build a wind turbine on Isle Madame to go forward.

The project has been in the works for five years, but the county and the company were in a dispute over rezoning for the turbine.

The issue was set to go before the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board on Wednesday, however the two groups managed to reach a last minute deal.

That means construction of the 150-metre tall turbine will soon start.

County Warden Steve Sampson said he’s satisfied with the agreement with Scotian Windfields.

He said the company made concessions to protect peoples’ health. Samspon admits that experts advised the county that it didn’t have a good case to stop the project.

“Based on some very important advice we felt the negotiated settlement was the prudent course to go to protect the interests of the municipality as well as its citizens,” he said.

He said the company has agreed to consider findings in a Health Canada study on wind turbines.

“Scotian Windfields has agreed to mitigate and meet with the community as well the municipality to review any claims or concerns that would be raised at that time. As a matter of fact, they’ve provided up to $75,000 to implement any identified mitigative measures,” said Sampson.

Delores Callahan owns land close to where the wind turbine will be built. She doesn’t want a turbine going up in her area.

She’s also skeptical about the Health Canada study.

“Well what is the study going show that hasn’t been showed already? Countless people have come forward to say how sick they are,” said Callahan

Callahan said she is frustrated and disappointed that the county and the company reached a settlement.

She feels robbed of an opportunity to make her case against the turbine before the UARB.

But Sampson said he’s satisfied that the health concerns of citizens have been addressed.

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