June 13, 2013

Controversial windfarm plans rejected

Jun 13 2013 by Stuart Gillespie, Galloway News | www.dgstandard.co.uk

Windfarm proposals which attracted more than 500 objections have been kicked out for the second time.

Community Windpower’s appeal to the Scottish Government over its controversial Mayfield development near Kirkcudbright has been rejected.

It follows councillors knocking back plans for the six, 130 metre tall turbines in December because of the impact it would have on the landscape.

Community Windpower appealed because they felt the development would not have a “significant effect on landscape and character” of the Solway Coast regional scenic area or on local landscape.

But Scottish Government reporter Iain Urquhart disagreed.

In rejecting the appeal he said he felt there would be “significant adverse effects” on the landscape and that the turbines “would be dominant visual features at odds with the area’s small scale land use pattern and gentle rounded topography”.

He was also concerned that the attractiveness of the hills would be damaged by the turbines and that they would create a significant visual impact on nearby houses.

The decision to reject the appeal was welcomed by Keith Mycock of local pressure group Turbine Watch 312.

He said: “It was a long three year battle which resulted in the correct result. We are pleased that the recorder recognised the importance of upholding the Dumfries and Galloway planning policy and hope other developers take note and don’t try to proceed with unsuitable applications.”

Community Windpower were unavailable for comment.

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2013/06/13/controversial-windfarm-plans-rejected/