June 11, 2013
New York, Pennsylvania

Derrick City road may be considered for transport of wind turbines

The Bradford Era | June 10, 2013 | www.bradfordera.com

LIMESTONE, N.Y. – A road located between two restaurants in Derrick City, Pa., may be considered for the transport of wind turbine materials to New York state, a town of Carrollton official reported on Monday.

In providing an update on negotiations with EverPower Wind Holdings LLC., Carrollton Town Supervisor Dave Frederick said company officials had rescheduled a meeting with town officials from Monday to 6 p.m. June 19 at the municipal building in Limestone.

The purpose of the upcoming meeting, according to Kevin Sheen, EverPower project manager, is to discuss a road-use agreement with the town of Carrollton.

EverPower had received permission from the town of Allegany in 2011 to build a $160 million wind farm in the Knapp Creek and Chipmonk areas.

The 29-wind turbine project was initially delayed by a lawsuit filed by Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County, which dropped the lawsuit in July.

Among other issues that have created delays for the project has been the resistance from the towns of Allegany and Carrollton regarding the transportation routes for hauling equipment to the hilltops. The proposed Nichols Run route had created issues for town officials and residents of the community.

While Frederick and other town officials have balked at a proposed compensation fee of $15,000 from EverPower for the use of the road, there remain more pressing questions for Nichols Run.

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