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Residents not getting information

This is an open letter to The Charlestown Town Council and Administrator:

Charlestown’s total lack of communication with its citizens regarding the wind turbine project continues! Yesterday I received ‘The Pipeline,’ which mentions many issues but not one mention of the wind turbine project.

If this is the official Town of Charlestown communications vehicle with its citizens, why is there no mention of the wind turbine hearings with educational information regarding the pros and cons and encouraging our citizens to attend the hearings?

The town’s website has one “reference/link” to the wind turbine project called Wind Energy Information under Town Council, which goes nowhere! Why is there no mention of the zoning hearings scheduled for June 5 and 12 regarding the wind turbine project? How are we to learn about critical hearings if our town website does not include it?

Why doesn’t our town government inform, educate and lead: Isn’t this one of the primary roles of our government?

I have written about this failure on several occasions and am still amazed by the lack of outrage in Charlestown.

Vic Dvorak