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No avoiding costs of Fairhaven wind turbines

I am writing today in response to Ronald Desnoyers’ letter (Your View, “The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number?” May 30) regarding “the greatest good for the greatest number” and his belief that the opposition to the Fairhaven wind turbines is a select minority of activists attempting to “stack the deck” politically to reverse the will of the town.

I am a close neighbor of the wind turbines who has been following the news on the turbines since early in 2012. I am fortunate that I do not suffer from the symptoms that many of my neighbors experience. I am saddened that the nearby path to Little Bay is overwhelmed by the presence of two large industrial turbines complete with signage which warns of ice from the blades. I am part of the silent majority, townspeople who believe that with cooperation and participation, good can win.

I am heartened by the news that there will be a meeting of the Board of Health, the Board of Selectmen and Fairhaven Wind LLC representatives on June 10. Yes, Mr. Desnoyers, there may be cost related to any remediation decisions that result from that meeting. It is also possible that all turbine neighbors will qualify for a reduced real estate tax when the values of our homes plummet if remediation is not found.

Kathleen S. Audette