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Waiting on wind project sound testing

This letter is in regard to the Hoosac Wind Project and industrial wind turbines, statewide:

We are waiting anxiously for Iberdrola’s so-called “Compliance Sound Testing,” but this testing was paid for and the sound testing company hired by the developer, Iberdrola. How can this be an unbiased study?

What the heck is compliance testing for? If we or our neighbors created a noise or nuisance in a town wouldn’t we be held accountable? Wouldn’t we be stopped, prosecuted, fined and made to pay the price for our wrong doing? What is going on here? Your guidelines are being overstepped; our communities, our citizens are being hurt and ignored. For what?

Turbines are being tested, and I think they are over state limits for noise. Please, do something. A bandaid and a slap on the wrist won’t help.

The five instances of the Fairhaven turbines being out of compliance are just the tip of the iceberg. This is just when they are being tested. What about the other 99.9 percent of the time? What do you think? Because they are not being tested they are in compliance?

We, the people, are being chastised, called NIMBYs, and as I see it, “cast to the wind.” And it doesn’t feel good.

My wife doesn’t want to live in our home anymore. She doesn’t want to be in our gardens, and we don’t know where to go. We need help, now, and we need to be protected.

These industrial wind turbines are way too close to our homes. I think they emit way too much noise, and what about the low frequency noise we don’t hear? This exists, and is not even part of the sound being tested for.

Michael Fairneny


May 23