June 2, 2013
Letters, Maine

Energy dementors are back

Daily Bulldog | June 2, 2013 | www.dailybulldog.com

In response to Mr. Jeremy Payne’s column entitled “Wind Projects Having A Positive Impact,” let us take a look back not so far to when energy companies were similarly using their heavy-handed tactics to take land for hydropower dams.

Hydropower is a “clean” power producer also, but once the land was taken, and the waters flooded the valleys, and the people were forced to carry their meager belongings to another town, the waters of Flagstaff Lake become just another place for what?

Good Question. Never again will the livelihood that once existed, providing homes, farms, businesses and schools exist in the areas of Flagstaff and Dead River. The only reminder is the vacancy seen below the waters of this manmade lake in the forms that once were the foundations for laughter, love and life. The taking of these homes were done in secrecy, too. Demands of “get out while you can” were orders barked by “energy entrepreneurs” in 1949 within the living rooms of harried landowners.

The homeowners had high hopes that the 100 Year Fear would be over but… think again. The “energy entrepreneurs” swarmed in. They couldn’t give up their power. They took the land, raped it, and destroyed the valleys. Now the proverbial Dementors are back. Jeremy Payne preaches the same slogan- clean energy power! Maine growth! Guess what? Maine is being used. Now, 60-plus years later, it is the same chant, except it is the highest of the lands now, the mountains, to be violated in the falsely glorified name of wind power.

Jeremy Payne, secrecy and false promises took the valleys. Those trusting people are gone now, but those of us whose blood still flows in that Dead River Valley will rise to the occasion. Your secret “take-over” ways do not sit well with the grandchildren of the valley. We did not stray far and I say that the Energy Dementors have taken enough in the name of the almighty dollar. Our will is stronger than your fraudulent forecast.

The results of flooding Flagstaff Lake did not bring anything to the State of Maine but heartache. Dementors take by sucking the life out of their captive, but knowledge makes Maine smarter. Don’t shroud our mountains with your dark energy cloud. The truth of wind power will weaken the Energy Dementors. We can not allow them to cause havoc to our mountains as they did to our valleys.

Dementors take your voice, as Harry Potter learned. We need to fight and get ours back! The cloud of silence needs to go away. Jeremy Payne, take your voice to the ocean where the failures of wind turbine energy can fail, fall and become habitat for creatures of the sea. Keep your shroud away from the beauty of our mountains. We are happy to live with less so that God can have more.

Vicki Burbank
Lexington, Maine

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