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Wind blows ill in small towns

Wind works? Having noticed the Wind Works signs displayed around the Madison area, I wonder just who wind works for.

Wind works exceptionally well for outside predators, like developers, who look for a town like Madison.

A town that is wide open and unprotected, without land use laws or zoning in place to protect its citizens and their property. (The same guys who bought the signs.)

Wind works for the lease holders, held under a “gag order” from the developer – so no one can discuss who received the sweetest deal. (These are the guys who are displaying the signs.)

Wind works – on average at less than 30 percent efficiency.

Wind works once again for the developer, paid with our tax dollars through government subsidies whether they produce any power or not, and then take our money back to the countries they came from. (The same guys who bought the signs.)

Wind works to fog the minds of town officials who would consider a project of this magnitude without even knowing what the P.I.L.O.T. (payment in lieu of taxes) will be. (Would you sign a deal for a car without knowing how much it cost?)

Wind works to fool the public into thinking that this will save the environment.

Does wind work for the community— or just for a chosen few? Follow the money and you will have your answer.

— Eric Gorton, Madison