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Beaver Ridge Wind to install technology to reduce noise

Patriot Renewables, the operator of Beaver Ridge Wind in Freedom, has announced that new technology will be installed at the Freedom wind farm to reduce noise levels produced by the turbines. Beaver Ridge is made up of three GE 1.5-77 wind turbines. The technology being installed on the turbines – GE’s trailing edge serration technology – was initially developed for GE’s newer model turbines, and is now available as a retrofit for existing turbines.

The serrations, which are applied to the trailing edge of the blade, resemble the teeth of a comb and will be installed on all three turbines at Beaver Ridge. Adding serrated edges to the blades reduces sound by providing smoother airflow over the blades. The development of the serrations technology was inspired by nature, modeled after the contour of owls’ wings. The same wing shape that allows owls to fly quietly through the night also reduces noise from the turbine blades.

The installation of the serrations will take place this summer at Beaver Ridge, without the need for a crane. The serrations are applied to the outer third of each blade with a high-grade adhesive, which will hold the serrations in place on the blades.

Beaver Ridge Wind is a 4.5 megawatt (MW), 3-turbine wind project located in Freedom, Maine. For more information about Patriot Renewables and Beaver Ridge Wind, visit www.beaverridgewind.com, or BeaverRidgeWindProject on Facebook.