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Wind farm — we all pay

Under the Green Energy Act the local electrical utility is required to subsidize a wind farm development within its area of responsibility. In our case that is Thunder Bay Hydro (us) which is owned by all the citizens of Thunder Bay.
Horizon Wind has five applications before our province and when approved, 40 to 50 wind towers will be erected on the Nor’wester Mountain Range.
This development will force Thunder Bay Hydro (us) to pay this Toronto real estate developer $7.2 million. If that’s not enough, Thunder Bay Hydro (us) will have to build a connecting power line and have to maintain it forever.
An interesting fact: 99.9 per cent of our electricity is already green. In other words, our electricity is produced by water going over dams within Northwestern Ontario. No fossil fuels are burnt.
It should also be noted that we only use about 40 per cent of the hydroelectricity that is available to us. We already have green energy
So if you think this development will not affect you, please think again. All of us from the Neebing ward on Highway 61 to the Current River ward will be paying this $7.2 million to Horizon Wind plus the six-per-cent increase just announced by our hydro utility.
I can hardly wait.
Bill Scollie
Thunder Bay