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Foundation vows to expose corrupt Australian system

Public Inquiry called into wind industry

On May 9th, Australia’s Waubra Foundation issued a call for a full Public Enquiry by a Royal Commission into the wind industry (1). This was prompted by an attempt to silence their CEO and longstanding advocate for independent multidisciplinary research, Dr Sarah Laurie.

Following in the steps of Dr Nina Pierpont in the US, Dr Laurie has joined the numerous acousticians and health professionals around the world (2) who have been studying or expressing concern about the effects on people and animals of the vibrations, pulsations, and low frequency sound (including infrasound) emitted by wind turbines. Her success in unearthing the truth has been rewarded by a hate campaign against her, and more recently by an attempt to silence her.

An “anonymous” document said to have been authored by an academic appeared at the office of Michael Moore, CEO of the Public Health Association of Australia, alleging that the Foundation’s CEO, Dr Laurie, is “conducting research without ethics committee approval” and that Dr Laurie is “practising medicine without being registered”.

Dr Laurie has denied unequivocally the anonymous allegations. She has the full support of the Board of the Waubra Foundation. She is also supported by international researchers at the forefront of investigating the health effects of wind turbines on people and animals. The Foundation has declared: “To ignore the documented suffering of people, and openly to ridicule them, is not only unethical: it is immoral, if not criminal.” (1)

Says Mark Duchamp, Executive Director of EPAW (3): “This unethical, immoral and criminal attempt to silence Dr Laurie is intolerable. It will also intimidate researchers from investigating, and health professionals from reporting, pathologies suffered by people affected by wind turbines or other sources of infrasound and low frequency noise.”

Sherri Lange, CEO of NA-PAW (4), is shocked by the attempt to gag a physician and states: “One would think that something was learned from the long ordeal suffered by the victims of asbestos, thalidomide and tobacco.”

“Dr Sarah Laurie is a hero of our times”, declares Duchamp, who is also chairman of the World Council for Nature – another NGO concerned about the ill effects of windfarms. “The Foundation Board did the right thing in reacting strongly against the libelous and malicious campaign that has been launched against her.”

Indeed, the Board has stated: “The Waubra Foundation relishes the opportunity of exposing what is a corrupt system being driven by huge financial incentives.” (1)


Mark Duchamp +34 693 643 736 (Spain)
Executive Director, EPAW
Chairman, World Council for Nature
Skype: mark.duchamp

Sherri Lange +1 416 567 5115 (Canada)


(1) Public Statement – Waubra Foundation Calls for Full Public Inquiry: https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2013/05/09/waubra-foundation-calls-for-full-public-inquiry/

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(3) EPAW: the European Platform Against Windfarms, is an international organisation representing 597 groups of windfarm victims across the continent. www.epaw.org

(4) NA-PAW: the North American Platform Against Windpower opposes the devastation caused by wind energy installations and their transmission lines, from Canada to Panama. www.na-paw.org