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Wind farm stirs up trouble

As citizens of Delaware County, we are outraged at our county officials’ handling of the wind farm proposal. There is something seriously wrong in this county when a community meeting was held May 8 with at least 125 concerned citizens attending and waiting to hear answers to their legitimate questions and concerns, only to have no one from the Metropolitan Planning Commission or any of the county commissioners in attendance.

This county is our home, our place of employment, and our son’s place of secondary education. We are homeowners, taxpayers and registered voters. With the installation of these wind farms in our neighborhood, the quality of life that our neighbors and ourselves know will be over.

We will be exposed to negative health and safety issues. Our scenic country views will be lost forever and we will lose several thousand dollars of property value on our homes. This will not only affect our neighborhood but every other person in rural Delaware County.

If an action that is taken has more of a negative affect on the majority, and only benefits a chosen few, it demands more thorough research. We are asking that our elected public officials meet with our community and hear our concerns before they pass this amendment on June 6. We elected you in office, we deserve that much.