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Vermont lawmakers look into health impacts of wind power

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Although no meaningful legislation on ridgeline wind development is likely to emerge this legislative session, that’s not stopping Vermont lawmakers from looking into its potential health impacts.

The Senate Health and Welfare Committee heard testimony from victims, researchers and doctors concerned about a combination of symptoms that may be caused by low infra-sound vibrations– from headaches to sleep loss.

Luann Therrien and her family live within 1 mile of the Sheffield project. She says turbines have taken their toll on the whole family.

“To have a jet engine sound– sounds like it’s going over your house– day after day, night after night, and it doesn’t go away. And you can’t sleep and it’s agitating. I’ve been put on pills for depression, my husband’s been put on pills for depression,” Therrien said.

“The sound is often felt more than heard– a phenomenon typical of low and very low frequency sound pressure waves. Perhaps somewhat akin to what big bass speakers in the trunk of a teenager’s car may sound or feel like as they drive past your house,” said Dr. Sandy Reider of East Burke.

Vt. health officials have said they cannot find any direct evidence that turbines cause health problems and the matter needs more study. The Governor’s Energy Siting Commission is expected to release its final report next week, which is expected to include recommendations for further health studies.