April 19, 2013

New party strikes blow in wind farm fight

By Iain Ramage | Scottish Daily Mail | 19 April 2013 |By Iain Ramage | Scottish Daily Mail | 19 April 2013 |

Fury over soaring electricity bills and the spread of wind turbines in the countryside has spawned a new political party.

The Alliance Party of Scotland launched in Inverness yesterday after a decade of growing opposition to the spread of heavily subsidised wind farms across Scotland.

The movement, led by environmental campaigners with experience in science, engineering and public health, claims to represent a wide cross-section of people. Its ambitions are to eradicate fuel poverty, implement a moratorium on wind development and promote improved energy efficiency strategies.

It will target the seats of ‘all MSPs who support current UK and Scottish energy policy’ according to party leader Richard Crawford, who added: ‘We would love to be able to restore democratic rights and accountability, especially at a local level.’

A Scottish Government spokesman said: ‘We aim to become a global leader in developing solutions to the challenge of climate change. We support the development of renewable energy technologies in the right places and subject to a planning process which is inclusive and transparent.’

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