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Wind will blow in electricity at 40 cents/kilowatt-hour

In response to the April 6 letter “Cape Cod, look to Denmark for the possibilities of wind,” we do not want to follow in Denmark’s footsteps with wind energy.

Denmark pays some of the highest electric rates in the world. According to Wikipedia, it pays 40.38 cents per kilowatt-hour. We pay between 8 and 17 cents per kilowatt-hour. Denmark not only sells electricity to Norway and Sweden, but pays them to take it, and pays them to return it. They do this because without energy storage, which exists only in small quantities in most places, the power grid becomes unstable.

A better story on what is going on in Denmark and Europe in general can be found at New Europe Online at www.neurope.eu/blog/gone-wind.

Cape wind will increase the cost of electricity. Make no mistake about it.

Chris Kapsambelis